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Are you up for a new challenge?

At Escape House in Sørreisa, Midt-Troms, you can play two (soon three) different escape rooms, both suitable for up to 7 persons. Try to solve the missions and escape before the 60 minute timer us up.

We have two rooms in our venue, called “Treasure Hunt” and “The Motel Room”. Ideal groups are 4-5 people, but also suitable for two-three or up to seven persons. Suitable primarily for adults, but also for teenagers in companion with adults.

Booking can be done primarily online, or by calling our escape phone at 99ESCAPE (+47 99372273). We can help you find an available time slot that suites you and your schedule. You can take a look in our online calendar to see the time slots available.

Escape room games is a fairly new kind of event in Norway, but the experience are very good nonetheless. In Troms county there are only two escape game venues, in Tromsø City and here in Midt-Troms, in the small town of Sørreisa between Bardufoss and Finnsnes.


Treasure Hunt” has a 1960’s theme, where you are to retrieve a stolen historical artifact, being stored in the local banks vault. But there has been a robbery last week, and the artifact is on the loose. You have to retrieve it, and get out of the office before the crooked agent who was behind the robbery, returns. If they find you there, no one can guarantee your safety.

In «The Motel Room» you soon finds out that the accomodation you are looking for for the night, is not in the room you just entered. A grazy guy lures people to enter his alleged motel room, only to torture them in order to find information about his long lossed missing sister. You have to escape before he returns from his forest hunting trip.


These are our prices for games in our rooms, pr person aged 18 or above;

  • 7 players: NOK 280,- (total 1960,-)
  • 6 players: NOK 280,- (total 1680,-)
  • 5 players: NOK 294,- (total 1470,-)
  • 4 players: NOK 308,- (total 1232,-)
  • 3 players: NOK 322,- (total 966,-)
  • 2 players: NOK 336,- (total 672,-)

From 10 – 17 years (children) we have a NOK 50,- discount. You can select the number of adults and children in the online booking process.

Be aware; we have no cash flow in our venue. If you would like to pay in cash you have to alert us of this in advance.

All major debit- and credit cards are accepted. We also support both Apple and Google Pay.

Contact us

You can email, text or message us on Facebook. Or give us a call, your choice. 🙂

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